The etymology of the term energy or [n-r-g], is from Greek ενέργεια, εν- means "in" and έργον means "work"; the -ια suffix forms an abstract noun. The compound εν-εργεια in Epic Greek meant "divine action" or "magical operation"; it is later used by Aristotle in a meaning of "activity, operation" or "vigour", and by Diodorus Siculus for "force of an engine"





Fattiggården's Lea
[Dalhea du Dauchant X Vom hause Kanku's Quantas]
Født: 04.11.2007
HD:A   -   AD:0
BpB  LP1
BpB Kredsmester - Sch. kreds 31 - 2010
LP1 Kredsmester - DKK kreds 9 - 2011
Ejer: Martin Hasager

Dato: Prøve: Sted: Dommer: Præd./plac. Point:
06.11.2010 BpB Sch. kreds 31, Skive Hanne Boe G. 1. plads 85
15.05.2011 LP1 DKK kreds 6, Sabro Wagn Johansen 1.v. 152
02.06.2011 LP1 DKK kreds 9, Holstebro Hans Ove Pedersen 152
27.08.2011 LP1 DKK LP DM, Bornholm Palle Bergsø (9.) 152,5
10.09.2011 LP1 DKK kreds 9, Kredsmestersk. Wagn Johansen 1.v. 169
05.10.2013 Rally B RKD kreds 31, Skive Helle Gadeberg   91
28.12.2013 Rally B Hadsten Hundevenner Helle Gadeberg   94


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