The etymology of the term energy or [n-r-g], is from Greek ενέργεια, εν- means "in" and έργον means "work"; the -ια suffix forms an abstract noun. The compound εν-εργεια in Epic Greek meant "divine action" or "magical operation"; it is later used by Aristotle in a meaning of "activity, operation" or "vigour", and by Diodorus Siculus for "force of an engine"





Fæhunden's Kimmi Kiyani
[Lock-Eye Hazel X Eddy V. Leukerbad]
Født: 30.08.2003
HD:A   -   AD:0
Ejer: Trine Dyrgaard

Dato: Prøve: Sted: Dommer: Præd./plac. Point:
21.11.2004 LP1 DKK kred 4, Brørup Palle Bergsø 124
05.05.2004 LP1 DKK kred 4, Esbjerg Merete Iwers 146
21.05.2005 LP1 DKK kreds 7, Vadum Bruno Christensen 175
25.05.2006 LP2 Specialklub, Århus Wagn Johansen 182,5
23.09.2006 LP3 DKK kreds 7, Terndrup Wagn Johansen   174
27.05.2007 LP3 SBH Odense Bruno Christensen 185
01.05.2008 LP3 DKK kred 4, Esbjerg Wagn Johansen   149
30.05.2009 LP3 DKK kreds 7, Vadum Palle Bergsø 213,5
22.08.2009 LP3 BCK Sorø Erling Olsen   119
28.07.2011 Rally B DKK Vejen Johanna Allanach   96
28.08.2011 Rally B DKK kreds 8, Allinge Pia Hansen   93
24.11.2012 Rally B DKK kreds 9, Spøttrup Pia Hansen   99




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